Saturday, July 9, 2011

History taking and Examination in Orthodontics

Presenting complain
  • Aesthetic problem
  • Spaces
  • Irregularities / teeth are not in order
  • Teeth are coming forward
  • Absence of tooth/teeth
  • Delayed eruption

Past Medical history
  • Allergies – Drugs                               
  •                       Material - Acrylic,
  •                       Drugs  
  • Bleeding disorders,
  • Cardiac problems - Heart problems
  • Diabetics
  • Epilepsy  - Fits
  • Hepatitis
  • Previous hospitalization

Past dental history
  • Extraction
  • Restoration
  • Scaling
  • Root canal treatment
  • Trauma to front teeth

Past Orthodontic History
  • When?
  • Type of the appliances ( fixed / removable)
  • Reasons for seeking orthodontic treatment again!


A.      Facial profile
               Concave / convex / straight


Skeletal pattern
1.       Anterior /posterior
                 skeletal class   I , II & III

                             Class I                   ClassII                       ClassIII
2. Vertical (facial height / FMPA)

    3. Lateral (facial asymmetry)

Soft tissues
 1.  Lip competent –Competent / incompetent
 2.  Lip line - Normal lip line-Upper incisal 1/ 3 is covered by lower lip
 3.   Lip contour


Sized- Normal / Large
Activity - tongue thrust   -present / absent
                                          Adaptive / Endogenous

Alignment and occlusion
Labial segments
Well aligned / crowded / spaced/ 
Crowding   mild /moderate /severe /
Inclination –Proclined /Retroclined
Incisor fanning –Present / absent
Incisor occlusion
                                 Over jet ……mm ( positive / Negative)
                                 Over bite  ..Deed / complete
                                 Open bite

Molar classification
                 class1/ class11 full unit/class11 half unit/class111

Canine angulations- vertical /distally/mesially



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