Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An Introduction to Basic Dental Students

Working end(s) of instruments
•Are the functional parts of the instrument
• Can have a variety of functions including: cutting, packing, carving, placing and condensing
•Are adapted to the function of the particular instrument
•May be bevelled (i.e. the working end is cut at an angle)
• An instrument can be single-ended (one working end) or double-ended (two working ends)

Shank of an instrument
• The part between the working end and the handle
• Can be straight or angled
• The function of the instrument determines the angle and flexibility of the shank 
Handle of an instrument
• Is the part of the instrument that the operator grasps
•Provides stability and leverage
• Design is related to the function of the instrument
• Examples:
   The handle of an upper extraction forceps may be curved to facilitate a palm grasp for the operator
 The handle of a rubber dam clamp forceps is rounded to fit in the palm of the operator’s hand
 A serrated handle allows a better grip
 A large handle allows a palm grasp

Mouth mirror and handle

•To provide indirect vision
•To reflect light
• For retraction and protection of oral tissues
• For magnification (the number of the mirror represents size of mirror head)
• Single-sided or double-sided
• Can be disposable
• Plain or magnifying

Sickle/contra-angled probe
• Detection of:
 defective pits and fissures
 deficient margins of restorations, crowns and bridges
• Examination (pointed tip allows good tactile sensitivity)
• Can be single-ended or double-ended
• Many different styles available
•Working ends may vary (straight, curved)

Periodontal probe

Function and features
• Measure the depth of periodontal pockets
•Tip is calibrated in millimetres
•Blunt end reduces the possibility of tissue trauma
• Single-ended or double-ended
• Can be straight, curved or at right angles
• Plastic types available

Briault probe

Function and feature
• Detection of caries on mesial and distal surfaces
• The angled working ends facilitate adaptation to interproximal surfaces

College tweezers and Locking college tweezers


• Placing small objects in the mouth and retrieving small objects from the mouth
• Locking type ‘lock’ to prevent dropping materials
• Locking and non-locking types
•Working ends can be straight, curved, serrated or smooth

Metal ruler

Measurement of length, e.g. endodontic K files
• Can be calibrated in different units of measure
• Plastic type available


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