Sunday, August 7, 2011

Anchorage in Orthodontics...with ppt lecture and videos

Anchorage is an important consideration when planning orthodontic tooth movement. Unwanted tooth movement known as loss of anchorage can have a detrimental effect on the treatment outcome. Anchorage can be sourced from the teeth, the oral mucosa and underlying bone, implants and extra orally. If extra-oral anchorage is used, particularly with a facebow then the use of at least two safety devices is mandatory.

It has been suggested that more effective anchorage reinforcement may be offered by surgically placed temporary anchorage devices.There is little evidence to support the use of surgical anchorage systems over conventional means of orthodontic anchorage reinforcement. However there is evidence from one recent trial that showed mid-palatal implants are an acceptable alternative to conventional techniques for reinforcing anchorage.

Orthodontic Anchorage PPT

Sprider Screw Temporary Anchorage Device (Procedure Video )

Animation Of Temporary Anchorage

Molar Protraction Using A Plate For Anchorage

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