Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Note ON Immediate Dentures......With ppt Download

Immediate Dentures
An immediate denture is “a complete denture or removable partial denture fabricated for placement immediately after the removal of natural teeth”
Conventional immediate denture:
the denture is intended to be  relined to serve as the long-term prosthesis.
Interim (or transitional) immediate denture (IID):
after healing is completed, a second, new complete denture is to be fabricated as the long-term prosthesis.

  • Maintenance of a patient's appearance
  •     Circumoral support, muscle tone, vertical dimension of occlusion, jaw relationship, and face height can be   maintained. The tongue will not spread out as a result of tooth loss
  •     Less postoperative pain is likely to be encountered because the extraction sites are protected
  •     Easier to duplicate (if desired) the natural tooth shape and position
  •     Adaptation easier. Speech and mastication are rarely compromised, and nutrition can be maintained

    • Immediate dentures are a more challenging
    • The anterior ridge undercut that is caused by the presence of the remaining teeth may interfere with the impression procedures
    • The presence of different numbers of remaining teeth in various locations frequently leads to recording  incorrectly the centric relation position
    • No denture tooth try-in in precludes knowing what the denture will actually look like on the day of insertion
    • More chair time, additional appointments, and therefore increased costs

A Lecture Note On Immediate Dentures


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  2. The immediate dentures procedures have advantages and disadvantages too. It's more costly but however people can get new teeth. Thanks for uploading the video of this format of the dentistry.

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