Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Principles of Access Cavity Preparation in Endodontics

Principles of Access Cavity Preparation
Steps in root canal Therapy
1. Patient selection
2. Tooth selection
3. Isolation
4 Access cavity
5. Canal irrigation
6 Working length
7. Canal preparation
8. Trial filling
9. Canal obturation
10. Crown restoration

Access cavity preparation- Rules of thumb
1. To remove the entire roof of the pulp chamber so that the pulp chamber can be cleaned and canal entrance exposed.
2. To enable root canals to be located and instrumented by providing direct-line access to the apical third of the root canals.
3. To avoid damage to floor of the pulp chamber. Natural floor tends to guide an instrument in to the canal orificefloor tends to guide an instrument in to the canal orifice.
4. To enable a temporary seal to be placed.
5. To conserve as much sound tooth tissue as possible compatible with above.

Anatomy of root canal system
Anatomy of Root Apex
Access Cavity of an Upper Central Incisor
Access Cavity of Lower molar tooth
Lower Molar Access Cavity
Access Cavity Preparation PPT

Download the PDF Lecture Note


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