Tuesday, October 11, 2011

IMAGES OF TONGUE LESIONS..... Extracted from "A Synopsis of the Diseases of the Oral Mucosa" by Prof. M.A.M. Sitheeque

Erythema migrans- Also known as geographic tongue
Hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia
Fissurred tongue
Fissurred tongue in Melkersson Rosenthal syndrome
Black Hairy tongue
Macroglossia in Mucopolysaccharidosis
Macroglossia Beckwith’s syndrome
Haemangioma of the tongue
Lingual thyroid
Median Rhomboid glossitis
Chronic hyperplastic candidosis on the tongue
Foliate papillitis
Atrophy of lingual mucosa

Chronic lingual mucosal atrophy may be found in:

Oral submucous fibrosis
Haematinic and vitamin deficiencies and anaemia
Oral lichen planus
Epidermolysis bullosa due to repeated ulceration and scarring
             Syphilitic leukoplakia

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