Thursday, October 13, 2011

Etiology, Classification, Clinical Features, Diagnosis & Management of Crossbites in Orthodontics

According to Graber:
Cross  bite  is  a  condition  where  one  or  more teeth may be abnormally malposed buccal or lingually or labially with reference to opposing teeth.
Etiology of cross bite
Etiology of cross bite
Etiology of Anterior cross bite
               Etiology of posterior cross bite
Dental Causes
1. Traumatic injury to primary dentition that
causes  a  lingual  displacement  of permanent tooth bud.
   2. Super numerary tooth.
3. A habit of biting the upper lip
4. Cleft lip repair cases
5. Arch length inadequacy
     Causing lingual deflection of permanent tooth during eruption.
1. Prolonged retention of primary tooth.
   Persistance of a deciduous tooth
   Palatal deflection of its erupting successor

   Single tooth anterior cross bite

2. Ectopic eruption of the permanent first molar.
3. Prolonged thumb or finger sucking.
4. Cleft palate cases.
Skeletal Causes
1. Genetic.
2. Due to deficient anterior growth of maxilla
3. Excessive  abnormal  mandibular  growth  in anteriorly.
4. Combination of both 2. & 3.
1. Genetic.
2. Due  to  deficient  lateral  growth  of maxilla.
    Eg.       In cleft palate cases
            se Stimulation in mid palatal suture
               se Lateral maxillary growth
3. Excessive abnormal mandibular growth laterally.
4. Combination of both 2. & 3.
Functional Cross bite
1. Pseudo class III
2. Habitual forward positioning of the mandible to obtain maximum intercuspation may lead to an anterior cross bite.
1.Unilateral posterior cross bite
    Due to occlusal interferences
    Deviation of mandible during jaw closure

Anterior crossbite
Posterior crossbite

                                                   Classification of Crossbites

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